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Lloyds Driver Training

This privacy notice has been produced to help you understand why your Lloyds Driving Training instructor must obtain/store your personal information, how it will be used, who it might be shared with and how long it might be kept. The notice will also remind you of the rights you have under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Where the information is not necessary to deliver the services you require from us it may be necessary for them to obtain your consent to either collect such information in the first place or use it for other purposes than you would legitimately expect.

Below is a list of the Personal Information we may collect and how it will be used:


1. We will not keep your credit/debit card details for the purpose of receiving payment from you for my services or products. This is to ensure your Personal Data rights are not breached.

2. Instructors will need to keep written and secure digital records of all payments made, lesson appointments booked and lessons delivered for the purpose of maintaining accurate accounting records as is legally required for 6 years. At that point the accounts records and any supporting personal information will be disposed of in a secure manner. This information will be held in their paper-based/digital diary.

3. Your instructor will require your name, address, email address, telephone number(s), date of birth and provisional driving licence details for the purposes of:


  • So that they may contact you.

  • Booking either a Theory or Driving Test on your behalf.

  • Maintaining accurate accounts records as is legally required of me for a period of 6 years (see point 2).


4. We will hold records of your learning progress in the Student Record System and possibly in a secure digital form to help you know where you are in the training programme as a whole.

5. We will hold records of your test failures and passes noting where the driving faults occurred on your test report in their digital based Student Record System so that we can monitor your own personal performance in this regard. This information will not be shared with anyone except the pupil and their instructor.

6. With your consent, upon passing the driving test we would like to take a photograph of you and a written review for the purposes of promoting our services as an Lloyds Driver Training franchisee and for the promotion of the Lloyds Driver Training brand name as a whole on various secure digital platforms and written media with your expressed permission until you otherwise remove such consent. Please note on social media and Lloyds Driver Training can not prevent this review/photo from being shared or copied by others but both your instructor and Lloyds Driver Training would quickly delete all copies on such platforms under our control if you so request.

Any personal information not disposed of as stated above will be securely destroyed following 6 years from being received unless you have consented to enable me to retain it for longer.

If you want to make a complaint about the way Lloyds Drive Training have processed/used your personal information, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO, as the statutory body in the UK which oversees data protection law, by visiting:


Or contact :

Andrew Lloyd

Lloyds Driver Training Ltd

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