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Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

You've come to the perfect location if you want to learn to drive a manual car. By far one of the most experienced driving schools across the South Coast. All our instructors are professional and our cars are highly maintained ensuring you’ll feel comfortable and confident when learning to drive.


When learning to drive, most provisional licence holders will take their lessons in a manual car. Why? Well, there are more of them for a start. And although it can be slightly harder to learn with a manual transmission, to begin with, it may ultimately be more beneficial than learning in an automatic.


Should I take my lessons in a manual car?


To a certain degree, it’s your decision. Although the scales might be tipped for you. If you intend to drive a parent’s car after you’ve passed your test, say, and they drive a manual car, then it makes sense to learn in one too.


The important thing to bear in mind here is that, if you pass your test in a manual car, it means you’ll be licenced to drive both automatic and manual vehicles. On the other hand, if you pass in an automatic, that’s all you’ll be licenced to drive. And if you decide later that you want to drive a manual, you’ll have to take the driving test again.


What are the advantages of learning to drive a manual car?


The overriding advantage to learning to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission is simply that if you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you will receive a “full driving license” and not an “automatic driving license” and therefore you will be eligible to drive both automatic and manual cars. Another advantage to learning to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission is that manual cars are generally less expensive to buy and are cheaper to run than automatic vehicles.


Lloyds Driver Training provides manual driving lessons, whether you are a beginner learner driver or wish to take some refresher driving classes.


So, what are you waiting for? Make the right choice and contact us when you are ready to start your driving lessons.

Standard Lesson Charges


Our hourly rate is - £38.00 (1½ hour lesson - £57.00)

After 5pm and at weekends - £42.00 (1½ hour lesson - £63.00)


*All our lessons are 1½ hours in duration.

Reasons why our lessons are 1½ hours in duration - Click Here

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