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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

How Can I Pay For My Lessons?


We accept payment by Cash, Credit & Debit card and Bank Transfer.



What If I Need to Cancel My Lesson?


Lloyds Driver Training requires a 48-hour notice of cancellation for all lessons. However, if you must cancel please contact us as soon as possible, so that the lesson may be booked for someone else.



Do I Need Any Experience Before My First Lesson?


No, if you are just about to go for your first drive, Lloyds Driver Training will help you to quickly grasp the basics. Your Instructor will help you overcome any nervousness and get you started in a quiet and calm area to develop your confidence and skills.



What Will I Need to Bring to My First Lesson?


Please bring your provisional driving license, which needs to be seen by your instructor before driving on your first lesson. If you require glasses to read number plates and drive, please remember to bring them with you as well.



Do I Need to Have Passed My Theory Test Prior To Taking Driving Lessons?


No. But you must have passed your theory Test prior to taking your practical driving test.



How Long Will It Take Me to Learn to Drive and How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?


This is down to the individual, previous experience and how often (frequency) you take driving lessons.  On average complete beginner, drivers will take between 30 and 40 hours to get to test standard, but some take less and others more lessons.


Can I Practice with Family Members Whilst Also Taking Professional Driving Lessons?


Yes. This will improve your learning speed providing you with practice with what your driving instructor has taught you. However, you must be insured to drive the car you are practising in and the family member driver must be over the age of 21 and have a full driving licence for at least 3 years. Be careful not to pick up their bad habits though!



What Do I Need When Taking Driving Lessons?


You need both parts of your driving licence and be wearing any contact lenses or glasses if required.  Suitable flat-soled shoes, no high heels and bulky heavy shoes should be avoided.



Can You Collect Me from My Home or Work Location for My Driving Lessons?


Yes, we can collect you from your home or any other pre-arranged location which must be arranged with your instructor.



Will I Be Sharing My Driving Lesson with Another Pupil?


No, you will never share driving lessons with anyone. It will be just you and your driving instructor.



When Should I Take the Driving Test?


This is when you are confident and safe on the roads and can make decisions and manoeuvres without instruction from your driving instructor.



What Do I Need to Have with Me at My Practical Driving Test?


You will need both parts of your Provisional Licence.


What happens when I pass my driving test?


We’d say a big “Congratulations!” to start with. Remember though, your full driving licence is given to you on a probationary period of 2 years. If you get more than 6 points in that time you will have to re-take both the theory and the practical driving tests again.



Does the driving test require motorway driving?


The test does not require an element of motorway driving; however, your test route could almost certainly take you out on dual carriageways, which you will be taught and gain experience as part of your ongoing lessons. You can only gain experience of motorways with a qualified instructor, nobody else is allowed on the motorway to supervise learners.

Lloyds Driver Training

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Lloyds Driver Training
"Great instructor, patient and honest with when your ready for test. Highly recommend, great feedback during lessons and made me feel comfortable and confident driving."

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