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  • Andy Lloyd

Benefits to taking a Mock Test

What your mock test should include

The mock test should take about 40 minutes and include everything covered during a normal driving test.

Mock Tests

You’d never take an exam without doing a few mock exam papers first. And you probably took more than one mock theory test before taking the real thing.

Here are 5 reasons it’s a good idea to take a mock test

Taking a mock driving test is a great way of checking you have all the skills you need to drive safely on your own. They’ll also help you understand if you’re ready to take your driving test.

1. Research shows you’re 40% more likely to pass the real test

Most people who pass the driving test have taken at least one mock test.

Research indicates that people who have taken a realistic mock test are 40% (1.4 times) more likely to pass the real test.

2. Get used to how the driving test works

Taking mock tests can help you get used to the format of the driving test and give you a feel for what it will be like on the day. Knowing how all the different parts of the test work can help you prepare to succeed.

And watching mock test videos on YouTube is no substitute for experiencing it all for real.

3. Identify things you need to improve when you’re not getting prompts

A mock test can help you understand how well you do when you’re driving without help from your driving instructor.

This gives you and your instructor a list of things you can work on in the run-up to your test. Then you’ll be in a much better position to show the driving examiner how good and safe a driver you are.

Even if you’ve already taken a driving test, mock tests can help you identify areas you need to work on, so you’re more likely to pass next time.

4. Build your confidence and reduce anxiety

A mock driving test is a supportive and safe environment for you to practise managing the nerves you might get when you take the real test.

The great news is that research shows 4 out 5 people who take a mock test say it leaves them feeling more confident about the real thing.

And 9 out of 10 learner drivers who have taken a mock test before the real driving test would recommend that you take one.

5. Check you’re ready to take the driving test

It’s better to find out that you still need some more practice at the end of a mock test than it is at the end of your actual driving test.

The driving test costs £62 (or £75 if you’re taking it at the weekend).

So, taking a mock test is a more cost-effective way of ‘giving it a go’ for the experience and finding out if you really are ready to pass.

At Lloyds Driver training we will always ensure that all pupils take at least 1 mock test. Should this test make your anxious or impact on your driving we will always carry out further mock tests, and where necessary use other instructors to carry out the test. This ensures that you have had the nearest experience possible to taking an actual test.


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