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Five Ways to Save Money on Your Car Expenditure

With the increasing cost of living, people are looking to cut unnecessary expenditures.

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Due to this, people are now looking at the increasing rate of petrol and are contemplating if they need to drive now.

However, there are several money-saving tactics that you can implement that will help you save money on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Pick Your Petrol Station Wisely - With petrol increasing, many people will be looking for the cheapest pump. If you go to petrol stations that are located on motorways, major roads and even some high streets you should expect to pay more than you would in several other locations. Regarding finding the cheapest fuel, supermarkets are the best places to go. Not only will this provide you with cheaper fuel, but you will also be able to work this into your weekly shop – saving you, even more time and fuel.

Remove Any Roof Racks and Unnecessary Items - Whilst this may seem odd, removing unnecessary weight will mean you use less fuel and, in turn, will be buying petrol less frequently. If your car is loaded with unnecessary items, it will increase your drag and rolling resistance, increasing your fuel consumption. Items like roof racks will be more detrimental to your overall miles per gallon. However, if you can empty your car, it will be more beneficial.

Check Your Tyre Pressure - Did you know that underinflated tyres can see you use at least 6% more fuel on every journey? If your tyres are regularly checked, you can ensure that your tread is correct and that you are also not using any unnecessary fuel. By having your tyres to the correct standard, you can gain around 26 miles from a 60-litre tank, saving you around £65 per year on fuel.

Lloyds Driver Training - Tyre Pressure

Run Multiple Errands at One Time - If you know that you need to make several journeys in one day, completing them all in one go will save you fuel in the long run. If you complete several cold starts to your engine, your fuel consumption will increase. Not only will your engine run more efficiently, but you will also positively impact the environment while saving fuel.

Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Condition - When was the last time you had your car serviced? If it has been some time, your car could have several minor issues causing you to be less fuel-efficient. If you have old oil, ageing tyres, brakes that stick or faulty sensors, you can be wasting fuel on every journey due to your car having a lower mile per gallon (mpg) due to these issues.


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