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Preparing for Your First Driving Lesson: What to Expect

Starting your driving lessons is an exciting step towards independence. However, it's also normal to feel a bit nervous about your first lesson. At Lloyds Driver Training, we're here to guide you through this new journey. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your first driving lesson:

Lloyds Driver Training - First Driving Lesson
  1. Documentation: Bring your provisional driving licence. Your instructor will need to see this before you can begin.

  2. Comfortable Clothing and Footwear: Comfort is key when driving. Wear suitable clothing and choose flat-soled shoes for better pedal control.

  3. Initial Meeting: Your instructor will introduce themselves, check your licence, and discuss what you hope to achieve from your lessons.

  4. Eyesight Check: You'll be asked to read a car number plate from a certain distance to check your eyesight.

  5. Cockpit Drill: Before you start the engine, your instructor will guide you through the cockpit drill. This includes adjusting the seat, mirrors, and understanding the controls of the car.

  6. Starting the Engine: Your instructor will guide you through the process of starting the car.

  7. Basic Controls: You'll learn about the accelerator, brake, clutch, gears, and steering.

  8. Moving off and Stopping: Your first lesson will likely involve practising moving off and stopping safely.

  9. Introduction to the Driver's App: Your instructor will introduce you to our innovative Driver's App. This tool manages our calendar, offers useful resources, and stores financial information. Importantly, you'll find notes your instructor leaves after each session, providing valuable feedback and tracking your progress.

  10. Debrief and Next Steps: At the end of the lesson, your instructor will discuss your progress and plan for the next lesson.

Remember, everyone learns at their own pace. Your first lesson is about getting comfortable with the car and understanding the basics. Don't worry if you make mistakes - they're part of the learning process. At Lloyds Driver Training, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive and effective learning environment for all our students. Good luck on your driving journey!

Mike Duncan


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